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501c3 non-profit's mission

#KIC - Kindness, Inclusion and Community

Who: Dance studios and teachers.

What: Take the pledge and put #KIC in your studio.

     $75 annual pledge for dance studio

     $50 annual pledge for dance teacher

When: NOW! 

Why: Stand out and be known as the studio that partners with NDF to help accomplish the mission of #KIC. Together we can not only encourage mindfulness, but we can motivate others to put out good in the world.  Elevate your studio today and keep your business thriving! 

Receive a certificate to display at your studio. 

Be featured on NDF's website!

Be part of a closed facebook group.

Receive monthly tips on how to encourage #KIC in your studio.  

We're stronger together!


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Create awareness and show support for NDF's #KIC mission of Kindness, Inclusion and Community. Give a button for all to wear....your staff, students, family members and community. 

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