Performance Opportunites

Have Fun - Create Awareness - Get Everyone Involved


Take Part in NDF's many different Performance Opportunities.

 NBA Pregame Performances or the Tap Mob in May or create your own Dance Mob







        April 19-28 2019 - National Dance Foundation Celebration

                     Create a community event with our NDF Dance Mob or Shout Out


        May 25th - National Tap Dance Day

                     Join us in Rockaway Beach NY on the boardwalk for an all Tap Mob or have your own event.

                    3 levels giving everyone the opportunity

       Beginner level     Intermediate level     Advanced level   All run with music       


   Upcoming Opportunities for 2019-2020 NBA Pregame Show Performances.....will be announced August 2019

Chicago Bulls

Houston Rockets

Boston Celtics

Dallas Mavericks

Orlando Magic  

Washington Wizards


  Learn how to Fundraise in 4 days to help your group to participate - Learn More