NBA Performance Opportunites

Have Fun - Create Awareness - Get Everyone Involved

Help support NDF's mission - dance for:

#KIC -  Kindness, Inclusion and Community

All Dancers - special needs, young, old, experienced or not have the opportunity to dance on a NBA game floor.

NDF's Dance Mob and Shout Out are choreographed so all can participate and support #KIC




Join us for an exciting season when we visit the following cities...

Atlanta Hawks - Chicago Bulls - Charlotte Hornets - Dallas Mavericks - Houston Rockets - Miami Heat - Milwaukee Bucks - Orlando Magic - Philadelphia 76ers - Phoenix Suns - San Antonio Spurs - Washington Wizards....and many more

email - if interested.

NBA Team Guide


New Choreography 


NDF wants everyone to dance safely - here are some tips from our friends at YPAD

 2019-2020 Photo Gallery

Choreography for 2019-2020 Season

Dance Mob 

Shout Out