Inclusion_Kindness_ Community

 What Will You Dance For?

Inclusion - Children with special needs and learning differences are often excluded from traditional dance and arts programs.

Kindness - Bullying is a rising crisis and affects all ages…..This is a universal problem and Dance is a universal language.....using the language of dance we can show kindness - create awareness - motivate people.

NDF is issuing a call to action 

for all to take the lead in showing and creating awareness for inclusion and kindness in their schools, organizations and communities!

Join In – Make a Difference

Spotlight Your Studio/Organization

Inspire Positive Leadership in your Dancers and Community

Participation in activities creates community exposure for your studio or organization

Empowers students teaching they can make a difference!

Opportunities to win Scholarships –

Certifications, training and support to help achieve the goals of teaching those with special needs and learning disabilities, plus becoming an advocate of positive change within the dance community..    


Here are some ways:

Participate in NBA performance

Organize a Showcase Dance Performance including other dancers/dance studios/recreational dance groups  from your community 


NDF Dance Mob – involve your students, parents and friends and go into community performing NDF’s Dance Mob and Shout Out.   


NDF Inclusion Kindness Pledge - " I Support Inclusion and Kindness and Stand Against Bullying"

Create your own poster and gather signatures – display poster in your dance studio, school and/or organization showing your support of inclusion and kindness.

Encourage students to take lead in creating posters and gathering signatures….positive activity and teaches leadership

Take a picture of posters and where they are displayed and send it to us to post on our social media to help create awareness and encouraging others to take a stand - 

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